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Voice Over Subtitling

Translingual offers a team of experts which includes interpreters, translators and voice artists who work day and night to help you run your business at the best possible way. We offer voice over and subtitling services to drag your brand to the top in the market. Our professionals are friendly and coordinate with the clients with their best possible behavior.

If you are looking for the voice for narration, films, drama, presentations, demo, etc, then you are certainly on the right page. We have the right solution for you! We provide with the great art of subtitling done by our experienced team members. We value the message you want to share and thus we are concerned about its impact and delivery.

Our team is consisted of a workaholic bunch of members who are always ready to work in an environment that is full of workload. We know our responsibilities well and deal with languages with the right tactic and care. We are never stressed to make our customers fully satisfied. We are always ready to coordinate with you and concentrate on your work and needs.

Voices over services are offered to :

  • Business Agendas
  • Multi-Linguistic Operations
  • Media (Radio and Television)
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Audio CDs

Whether its advertisements, presentations, modules, education related, cartoons or movies; you bring your item and we are ready to provide you with the best interpretation and voice over services. Do not worry if you do not have the script! We have expert interpreters who would love to do the transcription work for you and then you can make your own choice to go for the voice over for the same. We have a range of voice over artists working with us and thus can help you meet the needs related to style, gender, voice-tone and age.

We make it s point that your visual projects run exactly with the same flow of audio speeches and that your voices are finely interpreted to the viewers of your choice. We maintain the right synchronization. We value culture and language and provide with culture appropriate interpretation and translation while keeping your interests in mind. We work to attract your audiences and interest any crowd in the world.

Our subtitling experts will amaze you with their high quality. Now get ready to attract more audiences and make your films, documentaries, movies or anything as such easier to understand with the visual text. We maintain the right synchronization of the subtitles with the flow of your audio speeches and projects. Now give voice to your items through subtitles for the deaf and impaired people. We can provide services for transcriptions as well as with translations to help you get the right and appropriate subtitles for your statements or dialogues.

We work nationally as well as internationally. We have native speakers to give you the right quality. Be ready to get the language of your choice and leave all your stress to us!