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The world is full of diversity and so we know how language varies from place to place. Thus translation plays a great role in today’s world for communication. For the same reason, we believe that an organization or writer must be able to translate from one language to another to communicate with people of different language and culture. We as a translation company know how important it is to use the native language of people to make them understand a certain perspective in a better way and in an easier way. And this is where Translingual comes with its Translation services to provide you with perfect and accurate translation facilitated with expressions and emotions. Our experienced, professional and competent team works to provide you with more than just a mere statement with same meanings of the words from one language to another. We, the Translation Company work to bridge the gap between the two different cultures and help to tangle the emotions of cultures together.

We work for both private as well as for public sectors and also provide services to various organizations from Blue chip to medium even small size company. We work to bring out the emotions from one language to another. We provide with the accuracy that would help you to reach your target audience in the best possible way. We make sure that the reader must not only find familiarity with the language and but also enjoys reading it.

We know the importance of the knowledge of source language and target language and thus our academically approved team is known for converting one language to another with 100% accuracy. This dedicated team only works to convert 100% of one language into full asset of another language.

We are careful to keep the right format of official and important documents and provide you with fast service. We believe in punctuality and can assure you that you will find us capable of keeping our promises while maintaining the interests of your targeted goals.

We provide round the clock service and we are always there during your need. Just one call during urgency and you will find us right beside you. We use up-to-date technologies to offer quick response to our clients. We only provide you with the best quality assistance. Our timely delivery has helped us gain regular and satisfied clients from across the world.

We feel proud and happy when our customer is satisfied and is able to get what’s needed with perfection.

Services offered by us include:

  • Website Translation
  • Back Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Software Translation
  • E-Learning Translation
  • Business Translation
  • Many more…

Brief introduction to our translation team:

  • We offer clients cost-effective language translation service.
  • We ensure quality with high professionalism.
  • Our professional team is based in Chennai, India.
  • We provide with translation services for 143 languages across the world, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Latin, Dutch, English and all the regional languages of India.