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Welcome to Translingual

We welcome you to the world of different languages and culture and provide you with effective services for running a successful business! Now communicate in different languages with your target audiences and make yourself visible worldwide! Translingual works to help you to communicate and to be recognized by your clients. Now make yourself an influence on others! Forget about your worries and rely on our experts who are ready to provide you with mind blogging results! We as a Chennai based translation company work on 143 languages including, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Latin, Dutch, English and all the regional languages of India.

  • We specialize in:
  • Asian Languages, Indian Languages,
  • European Languages,
  • African Languages,
  • Middle East Languages,
  • Eastern European Languages

Our Quality

We know our responsibilities well and we value your money and time. Thus quality is our first preference. The members of our team are all talented and creative with good knowledge of the field they work on.

Our Support

Translingual is complete solution to all your translation related problems and the friendly staffs of this translation firm are always ready to help you.


The world is full of diversity and so we know how language varies from place to place. Thus translation plays a great role in today’s world for communication Read More..


Whether it’s legal, medical or academic, we will resolve your issues with accuracy and in time. Avail our services to get the perfect transcriptions of your meetings...Read More..

Desktop Publishing

Enhance your communication and utilize the services of desktop publishing to get a better document. Translingual provides its customers with verities of DTP...Read More..

Voice Over Subtitling

Translingual offers a team of experts which includes interpreters, translators and voice artists who work day and night to help you run your business at..Read More..

Some of Our Clients :